Monday, June 20, 2016

What I want to learn

WOW.....  there are so many things I could say about what I want to learn.

A real physical thing I want to learn is to play my mandolin.  I bought one, several years ago when I received a couple of gift cards.  I have always wanted to play one; especially after I learned my grandfather played.  As a guitar player of 45 years, I thought it would be easy to pick it up and play.  Sadly, I haven't even played the guitar in a year or so.  Just don't have the time.  Yes, I have read all the inspirational blogs about making time for the things you love, take time for yourself, etc.  But, I still homeschool one child and take an interest in listening to and helping my adult daughter.  I spend time with my husband.  I help make this a home, working on chores both inside and out.  I have my own business. I am the primary caregiver to our dog and cat.  I am the volunteer market manager for our farmers market.  I am active in our homeschool community.  I am a volunteer in the summer for a library program......  and I enjoy it all......  however, there are only 24 hours in a day, and I do require some sleep.....

However, I am taking steps in the right direction.....Tuesday, I am getting my 12 string guitar restrung.  I have made that decision.  And yes, I could buy the strings and do it myself.  But, time vs money comes in and I think, no, I KNOW, if I just buy the strings, it will never get done.  And then, after I get my mind wrapped around making music again, I can think about new music.....

Our Farmers Market
The non-physical thing I want to learn is how to back away from situations that will eat up my time and my energy.  Balance.  And I am starting.  But, I see things that need to be done, or should be done, and I just have to do it. Thus, how I ended up at the volunteer market manager.

One thing I should learn is how to declutter....... If you hold it in your hands and it doesn't give you joy, give it away, I have heard......  but, that makes no sense to me, and made me laugh.  Do my socks give me joy?  Not really, but I need them.  Do the old documents that I have to keep for tax purposed give me joy.  Definitely not.....but the I need to keep them, too.  I don't have room for the two gallons of apple juice I bought because it is cheaper, but does it give me joy?

So, much to learn.....and although some days I feel like the proverbial old dog, much of the time I feel young (until a new mom at the homeschool group says incredulously "your're HOW OLD?").  And able to change and grow and learn.....

So, lets see what our other bloggers want to learn!

Kathleen Krucoff ~